Our mission first to humble ourselves, raise the level of awareness of Scottish Rite Masonry. We do this through education, training, benevolence and  community service. We are now aware that when the term Scottish Rite is used it applies to the Golden Circle Members as well.



We humble ourselves so that adjustments can be made that we might learn through the training and become aware, share and pass on to others.

Growth of the individual, the organization, your community and a nation as a result of your awareness and action.


Through benevolence as an individual or from the organization we are doing as we said we would and providing a community service.

Three things to remember in this statement that clearly comes to the front;


1. "You can't grow if you don't know"
2. GOD loves a cheerful giver
3. Our life is short, on a sheet of paper we make a line or two and then the dark.
    Can't change everyone else but we can change self.